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Nature Screensavers

Nature Screensavers - Suburban Paradise

Suburban Paradise Screensaver 1.1
Tired with urban rythms? Bored with sounds of megapolis? It's time to relax in Suburban Paradise! Life-giving lake, ancient trees and cozy cottages are waiting to fill your heart with calm and peace!

Nature Screensavers

Nature Screensavers - Charming Waterfalls
Charming Waterfalls Screensaver 1.1

High in the mountains where you can easily touch the edge of heaven, pure water springs give birth to the Charming Waterfalls. Fairy creatures living there invite you to turn your screen into a magic window of ceaseless Joy.

Nature Screensavers

Nature Screensavers - Warmth Of Home

Warmth Of Home
Install this magnificent animated screensaver with natural sounds of wildlife, great music and make a fascinating trip to the country of your childhood. Three beautifully animated scenes...

Nature Screensavers

Nature Screensavers - Mysterious World

Mysterious World
This colorful, fun screensaver will please both adults and children, and especially fans of the genre of "fantasy". Fantastic characters - dwarfs and trolls, unicorns and elves, and other unusual creatures inhabit mysterious forest scenery...

Nature Screensavers

Nature Screensavers - Magic Sunset
Magic Sunset Screensaver

It's time to relax and enjoy a scenery of the sunset screensaver. You see sun, hiding over the hills, clouds and realistic animated water. Sound is another remarkable feature of this screensaver.

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