Best 10 Free Summer Screensavers for Windows

1. Sunny River Screensaver

Where can you see emerald green sunlight when its natural color is amber? Of course, in the fresh summer forest, lazily breathing in the aroma of lindens, sitting near the babbling river. Or, just close to you on your screen by downloading free Sunny River Screensaver. Each river has its character. The green forest instills freshness and joyful tranquility into the river. We strive to make you feel the smooth flow of the river on the river screensaver, taking you into the sunny distance, towards green dreams and inspiration. The rays of the sun on the screensaver will light your room in the green summer light, filling it with summer charm. Just a few mouse clicks and this fantasy will become reality. Nature screensaver is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 and for people who love summer-based computer screensavers. Download Sunny River Screensaver

2. Great Waterfalls Screensaver

Every waterfall, just like a person, has its voice. In the summer, that voice gets stronger and more energetic. The water on our Great Waterfalls Screensaver is not only falling but flying, free from all constraints and on to new wonderful goals. The warm summer rays on the screensaver bless the water and give every drop an electric charge. The lush greenery brings volatile phytoncides as a gift to the surrounding world. Everything is interconnected. Everything is harmonious. Yes, it's not only swimming in the water from a waterfall that brings cheerfulness. Happiness is in the little things, even simply meditating on the beautiful surroundings also bears fruit. Download Great Waterfalls Screensaver

3. Flying Clouds Screensaver

"Mamma Mia, tell me, does the sun always shine above the clouds? Is it true that being raised above the clouds, the heavenly body always plays with its rays? After all the sun never sleeps, it only occasionally hides from us with a blanket made of clouds." Even if it's cloudy outside, the small childhood fantasy can warm your heart knowing that it is always sunny above the clouds, just like it is on 3D Flying Clouds Screensaver. A candlelit dinner has long been a common idea, but not a dinner above the clouds. The fluffy clouds replace even the most comfortable chairs in the world, and the most beautiful birds fly there and sing their charming songs. The pleasant sunlight illuminates the space with its halo and gives a feeling of freedom and flight. No matter what anyone says, it's rewarding for a person to soar in the clouds, especially in such dandy ones! Download Flying Clouds Screensaver

4. Tropical Waves Screensaver

Summer, the sea, loose sand, and the sublime blue sky over your head! Everything that winter lacks, and yet so close to you in summer. They can be even closer, right on your screen because we made the Tropical Waves Screensaver just for you! Tropical screensavers instill in your heart notes of joy and tranquility because they transform everything around them into warm reverence. Free nature screensaver with its terry spiral shell will give you a piece of the sea in just a matter of seconds. The shell is quietly resting on the seashore, looking at a fast ship. She invites you too to get away from all your worries! After all, at some point, she was lying at the bottom of the sea and had a very busy life too – schools of fish were constantly rushing past her and she was friends with a funny octopus, who cheerfully rolled her from place to place. Enter our world of fantasy with the help of Windows desktop screensavers! Download Tropical Waves Screensaver

5. Twilight Ship Screensaver

Calling all romantic and mysterious souls! Just look at this Twilight Ship Screensaver full of secrets and charm. The yellow disk of the moon is still entering its twilight domain and the thinnest pearl-purple mist hangs over the river. The long journey lies dormant ahead of the ship in the long, transparent reflections of the night. But the ship knows the power of the present and bravely overcomes all obstacles. And nothing matters, the foggy wind drives it to the past while the sea tries to carry it to unknown distances. But the ship doesn't care about anything, it knows the power of the present and bravely overcomes all obstacles. It knows that obstacles are just the ringing of a word, and if you stop for a moment, you can learn a lot of new things. Download free summer evening Twilight Ship Screensaver on your desktop PC and wander into the unexplored sleepy corners of your soul. Animated ship screensaver will not only create a languid mood but will also tell you the time. Download Twilight Ship Screensaver

6. Lake Clock Screensaver

No matter what anyone says, a vacation at the lakeside may be more mysterious than it seems at first glance. On our all-encompassing planet Earth, there are lakes where the currents play with the stellar ancestors, and monks perform their ordinances. In such places, you can feel both planetary attraction and heavenly elevation all at the same time. Out with the urban hustle, in with the natural serenity. Install Lake Clock Screensaver and your screen will light up your space in blue and green. The distant towering mountains and century-old fir trees will all be so close that you can touch them with your hand. The flow of the river will be as smooth as the flow of time on the clock of the lake screensaver, which can become yours completely free of charge! Download Lake Clock Screensaver

7. Sea Raindrops Screensaver

Is there anything that can be simple yet amazing at the same time like the Mckerricher Park in California with its glass beach? Dynamic Sea Raindrops Screensaver of course! Just as before the beginning of a wave, in each of the animated 3D screensaver scenes, the base of the beach will be covered with water. And the dance of the light summer rain will leave dynamic circles on it. The 3D circles on the water and the reflections from our screensaver will forever illuminate your device. As if in a kaleidoscope, you will visit a mother-of-pearl pebble beach, then you will be transported to a creamy and snow-white sandy beach, and then to some more beaches. Download water screensaver and discover 20 background scenes that can adjust to different screen resolutions. Let the drops from heaven leave their fancy dance on your screen. Download Sea Raindrops Screensaver

8. Live Pebble Screensaver

In our childhood, fancy shells were considered a real treasure through which you could hear the sound of the sea and the waves. Free animated Live Pebble Screensaver with sea pebbles and clams will be a little treasure for your device, after all, each of us was once just a gentle child. There is a reason why there has long been a genuine interest in seashells. There is something mysterious hidden in the shells, a piece of the soul and the energy of its past resident. Florentine painters, inspired by the beauty of shells, decided that the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite herself should emerge from a shell. Nowadays, there is an omen that shells bring good luck, being the temple of the human soul. Likewise, let live screensaver with its pebbles, shells, and dynamic water circles bring you good luck and joy! Download Live Pebble Screensaver

9. Sunrise Lake Screensaver

Was sleeping beauty to awaken all by herself, it would only be if she found herself in the same charming place as on sunrise screensaver. It is impossible to miss the moments when the bud of the sun while blooming, fills everything around with its irrepressible energy. The last traces of the night, leaving the sleepy lake together with the misty haze. Tall giant trees change from black nightgowns into their morning attires. The grass, bent down under the weight of dew, tenderly turns its leaves toward the heavenly body. Almost like in the good old stories of Howard Lovecraft, if of course, you understand what I mean. Should you choose to download it, free Sunrise Lake Screensaver will add morning freshness and mystery to your device in just a matter of seconds - the choice is yours! Download Sunrise Lake Screensaver

10. Summer Fresh Screensaver

To end our short article, we have prepared for you a refreshing Summer Fresh Screensaver. With this fun screensaver, your monitor will sparkle with new colors. Most of all, on a summer beach, you want a delicious cocktail and the hot sun, which you will not meet in the cold winter. Refreshing mint with lime, peculiar strawberries, wild oranges, juicy melons with pineapple, and a mix of your favorite fruits - all this reflected on nature screensaver. Have you already come up with a recipe for your favorite drink? Just a little imagination and a couple of clicks and boom the best cocktail is on your screen. Download your favorite screensaver, they are all compatible with any version of destop Windows. Download Summer Fresh Screensaver

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