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System Requirements

Celeron 500Mhz or higher
16 Mb Video Memory
10 Mb of free hdd space
Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10


Natural forest scenery
Extremely realistic animation
Happy animals and fairy creatures
Flexible screensaver settings
Relaxing Music/ability to put your favourite music
Unleash your imagination!
Delight in Mysterious Forest!
Free cool screensaver

Free Cool Screensaver

Free Cool Screensaver - Mysterious Forest

Mysterious Forest
Category: Nature / Animated
Download Mysterious Forest Screensaver
Add a bit of magic to your screen! Feel the spirit of the natural freedom and ceaseless joy! Get into the heart of the mysterious forest where you can meet happy animals and fairy creatures! Download free Mysterious Forest screensaver!

Recent Changes

New version 1.1
Fixed some bugs
Added analog clock
Absolutely free!

Screensaver screenshots

Free Cool Screensaver - Mysterious Forest Free Cool Screensaver - Mysterious Forest
Free Cool Screensaver - Mysterious Forest

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