Top 10 Free Spring Screensavers for Windows

Spring is in full swing! Spring is a beautiful time of the year that is spiritually uplifting and transforming. The weather outside brings people joy. Let these screensavers on your computer move you to reach new heights. We've gathered a collection of free downloadable spring screensavers for you available. We hope you will like growing collection of computer screensavers.

1. Japan Spring Screensaver

Get a feel of Japanese culture by installing a colourful spring screensaver on your desktop PC. Few people know that the cherry blossom season is linked to one of the most beautiful festivals in the Land of the Rising Sun. Hanami is a Japanese national festival dedicated to appreciating the beauty of flowers that came about during the reign of the emperors. Courtiers would spend hours on end under blossoming trees enjoying conversations, writing poems, and meditating. Forget about the hustle and daily routine and enjoy Japan Spring Screensaver. Download Japan Spring Screensaver

2. Butterflies World Screensaver

Install this screensaver on your device and let the mood, calmness, freedom, and inspiration of spring into your life. Butterflies are some of the most beautiful insects that symbolise everything beautiful and tender in a person's life. There is a good reason why there are butterflies flying around the lilies in the screensaver. There's a belief that every lily has an elf who is born and dies with the lily. We have every wonderful thing around us, we just need to open up to our surroundings! Download Butterflies World Screensaver

3. Green Relax Screensaver

Spring is a time for romance and happiness. Candles are such beloved decorative elements that fill a house with warmth and harmony. Candles create an especially relaxing atmosphere and help to get into the right mood. While your screen is idle, a cosy atmosphere will continue flowing through it. Download and enjoy this completely free screensaver for your relaxation! Download Green Relax Screensaver

4. Grass Time Screensaver

It's no secret that the colour green helps you to remove tension from the eyes and get into the right mood and productivity at work. Green is the colour of life and the colour of living nature. Green symbolises calmness, fortune, renewal, and health. If you love to always be aware of time, then this screensaver is perfect for you! Simply download and install free spring screensaver on your device! Download Grass Time Screensaver

5. Crocus Screensaver

Spring has its own little precursors - the amazing crocus flowers. The crocus flower symbolises revival and hope by their high aspiration to grow right in the snow. In the language of flowers, it is a symbol of happiness, laughter, and joy. All legends that are connected to the crocus are about love! Bright spring Crocus Screensaver is very easy to install on your Windows PC and it is completely free. Enjoy free colourful screensaver right now! Download Crocus Screensaver

6. Spring Charm Screensaver

There's a big paradox in the fact that the most fragile and delicate-looking flowers appear in spring almost from under the snow. As the legend says, tulips seem to rebel against the rough laws of nature in order to bring perfect love into this world. The tulips on our screensaver embody the refinement of lines, modesty, and harmony. Make yourself and your loved ones happy by installing our Spring Charm Screensaver on your desktop. Download the Spring Charm screensaver today, the installation will only take a few seconds! Download Spring Charm Screensaver

7. Silver Clock Screensaver

In ancient castles, the clocks were massive with a rough pendulum made of copper. Children as well as adults used to enjoy observing the rhythmic chorus of the whole mechanism. At given moments the cuckoo would emerge puffed with importance to inspect its possessions and notify everyone nearby of the fixed time, and even scared some. How nice that now you can free yourself from all unnecessary worries and just take a few minutes to install a free screensaver on your Windows desktop PC. Classic silver clocks among flowers are available for download! Download Silver Clock Screensaver

8. Seasonal Clocks Screensaver

The wheel of life turns ever so gently and smoothly, everything in its own time. You can observe its rhythmic movement on your own screen. The seasonal screensaver with a perfectly accurate analogue watch can be a wonderful decoration for your device and it's free. Go on a ride with our screensaver and immerse yourself in all the main attributes of the seasons. Spring will be reflected by the shadow of summer, and autumn by the echo of winter. Download Seasonal Clocks Screensaver

9. Spring Clock Screensaver

You can become the ruler and creator for a couple of moments by installing a small world on your screen. Nice spring screensaver with accurate clocks will help you achieve this. A windmill as a symbol of the fight against the elements will help your business move forward and the spring landscape with the pleasant sunshine, slender fields, and the centuries-old oak of time will be a wonderful addition for your screen. Download Spring Clock Screensaver

10. Easter Rabbits Screensaver

Our list ends with a screensaver embodying a holiday that is vital to spring. And that is, of course, Easter! Enliven your screen with this screensaver with Easter bunnies! In the first scene, you will find yourself on a rabbit picnic accompanied by butterflies and dragonflies. Then you will immerse yourself in the pre-holiday rabbit chores, where each family member is busy with their own simple affairs. In the final scene, you will keep company with the rabbits who decorate the Easter eggs. Happy Easter, and may this holiday be full of joy for all of us! Download Easter Rabbits Screensaver

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